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Frequenty Asked Questions

Can we only use your services for what’s on the menu?

Our menu is a guide, so you let us know if there any other tasks that may not be on the menu, and we will include.

What are your normal working hours?

Monday to Friday, from 7:30am – 7:00pm.

What do you charge for Emergency or work outside of your normal working hours?

For any emergency service, on or during holidays, on weekends or outside of our normal business hours, there is a surcharge of an additional R200 per hour + the normal rate per hour.

How does the month cycle run?

Your monthly package starts from date of invoice.

Which area does The Business Concierge service?

Any area within a 30km radius from our offices in Melville.

How long in advance should I request a service?

Ideally 24-48 hours, but as far as possible we will try to accommodate any request.

How do the rates work?

All work is invoiced and paid upfront before any work commences.

How are purchases made on behalf of the client paid for?

Some clients prefer to pay on quote and others issue us with a bank card, that we ONLY use for their purchases, has a monthly limit, and we provide cash slips and a monthly statement.

How do I request a service?

Drop us WhatsApp/Email/visit our website and ‘Ring the Bell’ for service.

How do I know when my hour package is depleted?

We use a time tracking app and will give our clients a halfway heads-up and provide them with a time report each month.

Can I upgrade my package when my time is depleted, but there are still more tasks to complete?

You can upgrade when the halfway heads-up is given.